to Obama: Online Personals Tanking

People have called online personals the next big thing in dating online. The truth, however, is that they are becoming outdated. Yes, at one point, they were a major part of finding a date, and they were blowing up big, but times are changing. People are not choosing online personals anymore, for a variety of reasons. With the increased usage of casual dating apps, it is not necessary. People prefer simplicity, fast results, and straightforward conversations to the more detailed and time-consuming personals that were once a huge hit. It is especially common when you consider how many people are looking for something casual rather than an actual relationship.

Some reasons why personals are quickly becoming outdated are:

Complexity - There is a lot of these sites. While some have an intuitive, simple layout, you will find many that have too much going on. When you are trying to get into dating, the complex set up might leave you confused at first.

People Want Casual Meet Ups - It is hard to do casual dating with personals. It is set up to create a more detailed, intimate experience. You will also find a lot of people are more likely to want something extra than something casual and simple.

Time-Consuming - Making your profile, looking for people, contacting people, waiting for messages, and dealing with the entire process, in general, is time-consuming. People are looking for something quick, something that does not take a lot of time, will immediately find this bothersome.

Not Normally Portable - One giant problem is the lack of portability. We live in a society where people want access to everything wherever they are. Most online personals have limited or partial access on smartphones. You are not going to be able to to view messages, respond, look for people, or browse the site thoroughly when away from a computer.

Greater Convenience and Design Elsewhere - Convenience and design are better with most casual dating apps. Getting started and finding dates has improved with the mobile applications that are widely available. Instead of having to sit and wait for someone to contact you or respond after sending mail, you can move through multiple people in a short period.

People are Leaving Them - With all of the reasons above and many more out there, people are leaving online personals. If you stay on, you have a limited amount of potential dates. You are less likely to find someone who interests you and who matches what you want.

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