Best (and worst) free hookup sites for singles [2019 List]

The year 2019 is starting to draw to a close, and we’re all looking for a little bit of lovin’. In these stressful times, there’s nothing better than finding someone near you who’s down to get dirty with no strings attached. And thanks to the internet, there are more options than ever right at your fingertips.

But not all hookup sites are created equal. Here’s a round up of the six most popular sites to help you know which ones are there for you to play – and which ones are looking to drain your wallet.

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For eleven years and counting, has served millions of users on their quest to get laid. Couples and singles alike know this site is an incredible source for seriously sexy locals. From the get-go, wants you to know that they’re legit: as soon as you register, you’re greeted by their commitment to authenticity. promises to never create fake accounts, and are vigilant in shutting them down thanks to a 24/7 support team.

Although doesn’t want you to get scammed, they aren’t above trying to make a buck (or two) with their Gold Membership, which costs as little as $6.67 per month if you invest in a six month membership, or as much as $34.95 for a month-to-month deal. But they put their money where their mouth is. If you haven’t hooked up with anyone after three months of membership, will give you three more months free.

Regardless of how long it takes you to get laid, get ready for profile pictures with nudity – and lots of it. Everyone’s here for the same thing, and they’ve got the close-ups to prove it. These naked honeys don’t discriminate, either. The majority of users seem to be looking to get in on a threesome – and you can too. Search options include couples, trans* users, men, and women, and you can identify as straight, bisexual, or gay, with a pretty even balance in gender. No matter your preferences, you’re bound to find someone who’s down to bind you up.

Beyond just liking and messaging users, you can play their new Who’s Cute Game; think Tinder, but with points. After swiping through a certain number of users, you get perks like being featured at the top of the search bar for the week.

For all you exhibitionists out there, lets you sell premium photos and videos of your sexiest acts. If you’re more the voyeur type, head over to the webcams and chat rooms to watch the sexiness unfold before your eyes.

However, be aware that is anything but free. Without paying, you can look, but you can’t touch: no messaging is allowed for free members. But if you’re looking to get real kinky, real fast, has hookups for you – just make sure the price is right, first.

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A major player on the scene since 1997, you’d think would have some major street cred, but that longevity doesn’t stop this site from being one big scam. The eyebrow raising starts as soon as you sign up: you can only choose between being attracted to men or women only, and the site makes it crystal clear that they’re looking for straight singles only – a red flag that wants to empty the wallets of lonely, older men.

You can scroll through the first forty-five people for free, but after that, expect to pay. Single ladies, look out: the men on here all look grumpy as hell. Maybe that’s because the majority of women’s profiles are fake. Before you’ve had time to input a bio or profile picture, you get bombarded with women immediately messaging you with compliments and asking to meet, cluing you in that these women are bots – or worse, active thieves.

If you’re not deterred by that, you can still give it a try and send five free messages per day, and pay extra to get in on chat rooms for your kinky and naughty urges. If you’re really hoping to snag a hookup, you can also pay to send a FlirtCast, which is a broadcast to all locals in your area to see who’s down to go out.

But if I were you, I wouldn’t waste your time on any of it. Everything about is a total scam. As a free member, you’re constantly pushed to upgrade. Bots with sultry photos send you messages that you can’t see for free. To make it worse, deletes unread messages after twenty-four hours, giving you almost no time to think about whether busting out your wallet is worth it. And once gets all that credit card information, users stop receiving messages from the bots – or really, from anybody. Membership costs around $64.20 per month, and does everything in their power to keep you from canceling. Many men have reported needing to block from their credit cards in order to stop the payments.

Long story short: if you’re looking for lovin’, keep looking. is not the place for you.

Adult Friend Finder
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Adult Friend Finder

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Want a cam site, kinky social media, and sexy local hookups all in one place? Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is the site you’ve been dreaming of. Registration is a breeze, and from the get-go you know you’re signing up for a queer-friendly and kink-happy time. You have the option to be a man, woman, trans* user, couple with two men, couple with two women, or couple with a man and a woman – and you can choose to look for as many combinations of those options as you’d like, making AFF one of the most open-minded hookup sites on the web.

But these awesome promises of kink and inclusivity don’t come cheap. A Gold Membership makes the site worth your while, giving you access to essentials like messaging, photos, and chatrooms for as low as $19.95 per month if you invest in six months, or $39.95 to float monthly.

Regardless, AFF’s strongest feature might just be its special attention for couples. With AFF, users can get hooked up with a couple eager to shower them in pleasure, and these couples run the gamut of doms and subs, swingers and unicorn hunters, and even the occasional mindfully nonmonogamous duo.

If you’re looking for folks playing solo, you’ll be far from disappointed. AFF was designed especially for casual hookups of all stripes. You can filter your searches by whether users are online, on IM, nearby, new, or VIP. For the kinkiest of you, enjoy specifically searching by kink and location, pumping you up to match with babes in your area interested in the exact same things as you like rough sex, needle play, bondage, and more.

Unlike some other sites, AFF is in its own league because of its genuine commitment to building titillating community. You get your own Myspace-style userpage where people can write on your wall and see your recent activity. If you pay to upgrade, you can access a user’s bio and extra photos – but profile photos are still notoriously NSFW, so be careful viewing AFF in public.

For adventurous types, camming and broadcasting your acts will earn you points that you can redeem for vibrators, bondage kits, or even a month of Gold Membership. You can also trade them in for cold, hard cash to the tune of 50,000 points for $100. If camming’s not your style, but you want those sweet perks, community engagement like writing a blog post, responding to messages, and commenting on people’s photos are all great ways to earn points.

However, be forewarned: almost nothing about this site is free. You can’t communicate with others, exchange contact info, or even peep their bio without coughing up a membership fee. And be careful before you dish it out: in 2016, AFF and its parent company (that also runs!) got hacked, compromising 412 million accounts. It’s up to you whether it’s worth the risk – but if you want to get kinky without surrendering your credit card information, this next option may be your ticket.

But you may want to think twice before dishing out: in 2016, AFF and its parent company (the same one for!) got hacked, and 412 million accounts were compromised.

It’s up to you whether it’s worth the risk – but to get kinky without surrendering credit card information, the next option may be right for you.

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Out of the options here, Feeld is an outlier. It’s not a hookup site, but a free app for users to “meet couples & singles” in their area. And on Feeld, couples are all the buzz. A queer and polyamorous wonderland, this app is where to go for anyone who wants to get sexy outside of society’s cookiecutter lines. There are loads of ways to identify here: queer and nonbinary genders are common, and many poeple identify sexually as pansexual, demisexual, homoflexible, and heteroflexible.

This queer playtime doesn’t mean straight people aren’t invited – far from it. There are plenty of straight honeys here, too, but instead of being the majority, they make up only about half of the users (and you can usually spot them in a couple looking for their third). So whether you’re salivating over the idea of an orgy, a triad, a threesome, same room goodness, one night stands, kink partners, or something else, Feeld has you covered.

There’s a catch: even though Feeld encourages anonymity, for now, you have to sign up through Facebook to get started. Feeld certainly isn’t posting anything to Facebook on your behalf, but it’s still stressful to link something so private to the most public of social media. For $11.99 per month, users can upgrade to a Majestic Membership to hide their account from Facebook friends.

And despite this site’s incredible content and community, Feeld is prone to glitching out. Just keep your eyes open for upgrades to fix bugs, use a fake name if you want, and sign up – because Feeld is one app that gives you guaranteed, kinky good fun.

Ashley Madison
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Ashley Madison

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Life is short. Have an affair. With a slogan like that, Ashley Madison isn’t mincing words. This site is all about getting you the extramarital fling you’ve dreamt of – but you have to choose one gender and stick with ‘em, so bi babes, you may want to sit this one out.

Ashley Madison lets you search by interests, turn ons, and appearance. You can also make your intentions clear by setting your boundaries one of six ways:

  • something short term
  • something long term
  • cyber affair / erotic chat
  • whatever excites me
  • anything goes
  • Undecided

You won’t be short on eligible cuties to choose from – I guess a lot of us either want an affair or get off on the idea of being “the other woman.” For the female for female seekers, most were bicurious and eager to learn how to eat a woman out on the sly. Straight members were pretty different: they all seemed to be looking for more emotional connections and long-term affairs.

But Ashley Madison doesn’t stop at offering just local affairs. Their feature called TravelingWoman sets women up with available men while they’re out of town. Just by inputting your travel destination and the dates you’ll be there, you get matched with cute men looking to serve your needs on the road. Unfortunately for folks attracted to women, messaging is only free if you’re contacting a man. To get in touch with a woman, you need to pay thirteen credits, which cost anywhere from 29₵ to 59₵ each, depending on how many you buy at once.

While this site is a dream for flirty people looking for an affair to remember, keep in mind that Ashley Madison got hacked in 2015, exposing the names, kinks, and credit card information of 32 million users, and seriously damaging reputations and families. Proceed with caution!

Local Hookup
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Local Hookup

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If something seems too good to be true, it’s because it is. Local Hookup promises sexy singles waiting for you, but don’t buy in. A computer virus waiting to happen, the registration screen warns you that you only have twenty minutes left to register for free (spoiler alert: this warning is always at the top). Without gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans* options, Local Hookup makes it clear that they have one target in mind in their big swindle: older, straight men.

It’s obvious as soon as you register, when Local Hookup starts pushing you to upgrade to a Gold Membership for a monthly fee. On your landing page, you start immediately getting bombarded with “available women” eager for your attention. Don’t believe them. These messages are fake – and Local Hookup admits it if you dig deep in their terms and conditions. In Section 10, they say that "some of the user profiles...may be fictitious or models or bots" there to trick you into paying for a membership so you can talk to them. Free members don’t get to chat, send messages, or interact in any way, making an upgrade the only way to connect with these "real" women.

For poor people tricked into signing up, they’re in for a rude awakening: on top of the monthly fee for a membership, you are automatically signed up for two different additional monthly memberships to porn sites, bringing your monthly billing to a whopping $139.43 per month. Even worse, these three paid memberships are spread across different sites, making you responsible for canceling each and every one.

If none of this has sold you on avoiding Local Hookup, keep in mind that they use language that gives off alarming pedophelia vibes, promising you can “fuck young girls now.” Yuck. In your quest to get laid, stay as far away from Local Hookup as you can.

We all want to get down – and some sites are better than others. While Feeld and Adult Friend Finder take the kinky cake, Ashley Madison and are full of promise in your neighborhood.

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