Best Free Hookup Apps to Check Out 2019

If you still haven't tried your hand at one of the many dating apps available in 2019, you're missing out on one of the best experiences the digital age has to offer.

Any single person who's ever been desperate enough to get some has joined a hookup app at some point, and you'd be surprised to find just how many people in your area want the same thing as you.

With casual relationships seeming to take prevalence over traditional, committed and monogamous relationships, everyone's either single and looking to get some, or willing to explore with their partner or by themselves.

Either way, if you're single and want to have sex, and don't use hookup apps, you could be having an easier time trying to get laid if you did.

With so many of them popping up nowadays, though, it can be hard to figure out which apps are worth your time and which ones are a complete waste. But to clear any confusion you may have, we've gathered the top hookup apps in 2019 that you need to download right now.

Visit Tinder


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Of course, we couldn't make this list without including the top dog in hookup apps, although they'd like to call themselves something different.

While not branded as a hookup app, Tinder is undoubtedly the app that started the craze of casual hookup apps. They're known for being the premier dating app and every single's favorite way of meeting new people and hooking up.

Tinder has grown synonymous with casual sex. I don't think many people use Tinder for serious dating, as they're much better apps for that purpose, such as Plenty of Fish or Match.

However, you're more likely to find every kind of dater on Tinder and most people around you since it has become such a norm to use Tinder. People used to be creeped out at the idea of dating sites or apps, but Tinder changed that and made it just as common to see someone on Tinder as you would on Instagram.

But what makes Tinder so great anyway?

Well, besides having an advantage as the first ones to roll out the modern dating app, people like Tinder for its simplicity and reliability.

Every Tinder user gets the same tools when it comes to using the app, and they're super easy to use. The iconic swipe feature was brought to you by, as I'm sure you know by now, Tinder and is a big reason for why it got so popular.

It's really easy to view many profiles in a short amount of time just by swiping through them. While you would ideally take a little more time to review each person's profile, anyone who's looking to hookup is more concerned with looks.

But we don't judge.

If you see someone who catches your eye on Tinder, just swipe right and wait for them to, hopefully, do the same. Once you've matched, you can message them without limits, which another reason why Tinder is so popular -- it doesn't restrict features.

You can only add features to your account if you choose to get a Tinder Gold membership, not unlock any features. You can more than easily land a hookup just by using the free version of Tinder as many before you already have.

Judging by the statement written in someone's bio, you can usually tell who's down to hook up and who's not. A lot of people will write "no hookups" in their bio if that's not their thing because they know that's what many people on Tinder are searching for.

If there's nothing about that, it's basically fair game to try and land a hookup with them.

When you're not sure which hookup app to try out, you can always go to Tinder first and have the full experience with locals in your area. People you know and don't know will appear in the app and have you exploring opportunities with them you otherwise never would've had.

Thank you, Tinder.

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One of Tinder's top competitors is Bumble -- the female-oriented app created by a woman, who actually helped develop Tinder.

Bumble has a twist though; only female users can make the first move and send the first message -- men have to wait.

The matching algorithm is still the same, however. If you swipe right on somebody, and they swipe right back on you, it's a match. You can then talk to them in your messages, but only if she decides to send you a message first.

Whenever you make a new match on Bumble, women have 24 hours to send the first message before the match expires. When she sends the first message, the receiver will have another 24 hours to message back or have the match expire.

Bumble also has another unique feature that no other dating app in its sphere does, which are different modes of use.

On Bumble, you can switch between, and make different profiles for, Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz. One mode is for dating, the other is for making new friends in your area, and the last one is for making business connections all over.

So whenever you get bored of swiping through potential matches, you can always switch modes and make a new friend or get a new job! We love a multifunctional app.

But does having women make the first move decrease or increase your chances of hooking up with them?

I say it increases your chance. Women are well aware of what they're looking for when they join a dating app, and if you make it clear in your profile that you're only seeking something casual, they'll respect your honesty and match with you if they want the same thing, too.

You won't have to guess if a girl is really into you because she will have to make the first move and message you to keep the match. They'll only do so if they're truly down for it.

There are definitely a lot more features to customize your profile on Bumble than Tinder, but as for messaging and matching, they're pretty much the same besides the 24-hour rule. But like Tinder, you don't need a subscription to Bumble to unlock restricted features that are essential to landing a hookup.

For quality matches with girls who you know are DTF, donwload Bumble.

Visit PURE


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For the more extreme and sexually adventurous, PURE is the perfect hookup app for you.

Basing themselves on anonymous hookups, PURE is the discreet hookup app where you know for sure everyone's looking to get laid.

The way that it works is that anyone can post a "request," as they call it, for a hookup without having to add any personal information -- all is revealed when you chat with somebody.

The only thing you need to provide is an e-mail address and a photo, and it doesn't even have to be of your face.

At first, this concept might sound sketch, and you may be wondering how anyone hookups up with anonymous users, but there are tons of people using this app and getting laid within an hour.

Because that's all you have.

When you submit a request, your profile photo goes up, along with your location, for 1 hour. Within that hour, you have to make a connection and set up arrangements with whoever you've matched with to meet each other.

After the hour is up, your profile and all messages will be erased. If you didn't get to match with anyone, you would have to submit a new request to get another hour.

Matching with someone on PURE is the same way you'd match with someone on a different dating app -- you just have to 'like' them. There's no swiping on PURE; instead, you get to view everyone near to you who's submitted a request.

From there, you can 'like' their profile by tapping on the heart icon or tap on the message bubble icon next to that to send them a message.

There are no fancy features to the app besides being able to view a map of where somebody is located and the messaging feature. But you do have to pay to access the app if you're a male.

Women can use the app freely, however. Because of this, you may sometimes see men's pictures in the women area if you select that you want to view women. You can choose to view men's profiles, too, but for some reason, you can't pick both.

But in my experience, PURE works for those who are extremely horny and are a bit of a risk-taker. More than half the time you won't see pictures of anyone's face before you message them, where you can ask to see one if you really want one.

There are exceptions to this, though, and some people will post a selfie as their "request" photo.

But most of the time, you're going to have to take a risk and message somebody to get more information on them, including what their face looks like.

Once you get to talking though, it opens up a whole new opportunity for casual sex. If you've ever wanted to explore the more extreme side of casual sex, then definitely check out PURE.

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If you're looking for something different, that isn't the same old dating app algorithm and features, then you might want to check out Hily.

Hily, although one of the lesser-known hookup apps, is growing every day in userbase -- and there's a reason for it.

Hily operates more like a social app than a dating or hookup app, but people use it to meet new people, get dates, and even get laid.

Since the app also shows you local users in a 'card deck' format, you have the opportunity to make connections with users in your area and hook up with them.

You get to choose if you want to view men or women's profiles, and there's so many details to add to your own profile.

But one thing that makes Hily stand out among all the other apps is their one feature the rest need to hop on -- stories.

Everyone loves and has embraced the 'stories' feature on their favorite social apps; it only makes sense that a dating/hookup app like Hily would do the same. Users can post stories and view the stories of other members on Hily.

There are other cool features on Hily like chat requests, which lets you send a message to a user without having to wait for a match and daily 'Hot Stories' from the hottest users on Hily.

By signing up for Hily you not only get an exciting new way to experience hookup apps, but you get the opportunity to meet new people not in your area. There are Hily users from all over the country you can find through 'Hot Stories,' and still keep your card deck of users local.

Sign up today!

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Another app you may not have heard of as much as you have Tinder or Bumble is Once.

Once is a dating app with a twist -- you only get one match per day. So, if you're tired of swiping all the time, this app may be a good alternative.

How does Once pick your match for the day?

Well, it starts with you filling out the details on your profile thoroughly. By entering info about yourself, you give the matchmaker, unique to you, at Once more details on what kinds of person would be suitable for you.

You can also answer questions provided by Once to give the matchmaker a better understanding of your likes and dislikes and your preferences.

If everyone could have a matchmaker on dating apps, they wouldn't waste time "figuring out" if someone they meet on the app would be a good match because they'd already know. Now, you can have that with Once!

But how does this help you get laid?

Well, you have the full attention of your match for the entire day. You could spend that time talking and getting to know them, and have plenty of time to bring up meeting up.

But during that time, you're going to have to be clear about what you're looking for. You don't necessarily have to say you just want to fuck, but you can say something like "I'm not looking for anything serious," and people usually get what that means.

Since you're the only one your match can see and talk to for the day, they have no choice but to consider your offer.

Plus, you won't have to sit and swipe through a seemingly endless stack of locals. You get personalized matches delivered to you every day, and based on how much info you fill out and how many questions you answer, they're going to be quality matches.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, give Once a try. You won't regret it.

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