A Men’s Guide To Scoring on Hookup Websites and Apps

Today's dating scene is nothing like it was a few decades ago.

Finding your perfect match, a casual dating partner, or even a one-night-hookup is now available at the touch of a button.

Today we're talking about you guys solely looking for a hookup. Now, hooking up is as easy as downloading an app or logging into a website. But don't be fooled. Just because you're behind a screen does not mean you're free from making

a vital mistake when trying to score a babe. Just like in-person-encounters, there are so many opportunities for something to go wrong online.

Here are a few ways to steer clear of dooming yourself in the hookup website and app world. Even better, these tips will make you that much closer to scoring a hookup successfully and quickly.

Pictures to post, and not to post:

The first impression on your hookup website or dating app is your profile picture. As the saying goes, you can't make a first impression twice.

The pictures you post for women to see is so important when scoring a hookup. Right off the bat, women will deem you as an automatic no, yes, or maybe; just from your pictures alone.

I'm not saying if you're not drop dead gorgeous you're doomed. It's more about the content and location.

For example, a woman named Lucy clicks on Tom's hookup website profile. Within ten seconds of browsing his pictures, she already has labeled Tom as not hookup worthy.


Tom has five pictures, all selfies, of him doing the same smile in the same chair in the same dim lit room in every single one.

Tom could be a successful, friendly, well-liked guy who likes traveling and is an avid cyclist. But all Lucy sees is a creepy guy who doesn't seem to leave his living room.

That being said, put your best face forward.

Post pictures of you doing what you love, of you hanging with friends, relaxing on the beach­ whatever. Sure, one selfie is fine. But as I stated earlier, this is your first impression. You want to tell the women skimming your profile as much about you as possible while gaining her interest - with your pictures alone.

And, I wish I didn't have to say it but since some of you might be that dumb: Don't post pictures of your penis. Please, just don't.

How to first reach out:

A make or break in the hookup website and app world is your first communication with someone you are interested in.

Your initial contact attempt can either make a woman completely interested in pursuing you further or make her deem you as a perverted creep.

In some cases, she might even opt to block you.

Harsh right? Well, not really if you think about how easily cyber communication can be misinterpreted.

That being said, do not be a pervert.

Reaching out to a woman with a paragraph-long introduction about how sexy she is/ how much you want her/what you want to do to her is probably not going to get you a response back. At least not from any quality women.

I understand that the sole reason you are on these sites is to hookup with women. But you're not going to be successful in that endeavor if you say disgusting, desperate things.

You might be asking yourself, well aren't these women on here because they want to get laid?

Yes, but it's more complicated than that. Even if a woman's sole intention is getting laid, she doesn't want to get laid by a pervert. The way you reach out to her says so much about you and your game.

You can definitely compliment them, but do not say anything too forward or too suggestive right off the bat, like "Down to fuck?" She will probably be thinking to herself, well I could've been but definitely not now.

You've got to be more smooth than that. Women want to be eased into hooking up. Calling her things like "fuckable" or saying explicit things you want to do to her right off the bat deems you as a pervert and desperate.

Keep in mind that I'm talking about the very first thing you say to a woman. If you get talking and start vibing and flirting with her then by all means, start saying more dirty things. You just need to make it to that point first.

Also, remember the women I'm talking about here are not trashy.

If a woman’s profile picture on a hookup website or app is soft-porn worthy, she probably won't care what you say. If these are the women you're looking for, you better not care about getting an STD or worse.

What to say on your profile:

You want to talk about what you like in a woman. This shows that you know what you want, and says a lot about you as a person. If you only list physical qualities you want in a woman, it says that your game is weak.

You want to appeal to the most, best women.

In order to do this, be honest but also tell them what they want to hear. You've also got to be pretty broad.

For example, saying you like a woman who knows what she wants, is intelligent, confident and likes doing new things is hitting the jackpot.

So many women will read that and think "OMG, I'm perfect for them," and send you a message.

Even though you didn't say anything that specific, you made it easy for women to relate those qualities. You're appealing to great women because you sound like a real, stand up guy who doesn't just want an average bimbo (even if you actually do).

You should include a little bit about yourself and what you like to do. Keep it short and to the point, and try and put out as much interesting and impressive information without sounding like you're bragging. You should include:

What you do for a living.

What you like to do in your spare time.

Two words you'd describe yourself as. (Ex: "I'm an adventurous and athletic 26 year old...")

All of the tips above will get you that much closer to sealing the deal with an online hookup.

What you do once you meet her face to face is another story.

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