Ultimate Guide to Finding FWB Relationships

What do you do when you want consistent sex, don't want to hook up with randoms every night, but still don't want to be in a committed relationship?

Get a friends with benefits.

I'm sure you've heard of the term already, but in case you need a refresher or to clear up any confusion about what it is, a friends with benefits relationship is a casual relationship in which two people agree to be fuckbuddies and only fuckbuddies.

It's a fairly simple deal, yet so many people seem to overcomplicate things, resulting in a nightmare situation.

But don't let that stop you from finding your own FWB. As long as you do things the right way, having a FWB is awesome.

The only real challenge comes in finding your FWB -- after that, as long as you conduct yourselves accordingly, it's smooth sailing.

If you have no idea where to begin on your search for a FWB, here's everything you need to know about finding a FWB.

Know the People You SHOULDN'T Pick

People often make the mistake of choosing someone close to them to be their FWB; I mean it's in the title, right?

But wrong.

You really shouldn't pick a close friend to be your FWB because it'll only complicate your relationship, whether you want it to or not.

It's inevitable.

The ideal is choosing someone you're acquainted with, but aren't too close to, and don't plan on getting to know further than sex.

However, you shouldn't pick coworkers, classmates, and anyone else you have to see regularly. They should be someone you only ever see when you meet up.

Don't go for long-term friendships, people you see often, people you work with, or people you have a class with.

So think of people in your life that meet those requirements, such as friends of friends, someone who you just met recently, and someone you've seen around town that you would like to get into bed with.

Even though the title says "friends," it's not really about fucking a friend you already have, but having a friendly relationship with someone you're fucking.

Examine Your Social Circle

One of the easiest ways to find yourself a fuck buddy is to take a look at the people around you.

Not necessarily the people closest to you, but the people around you. As in, the people that your friends have brought around from time to time, people that you notice a lot, etc.

The easiest way to get someone to see you aren't a creep and be willing to have a FWB relationship with you is if they slightly know you already.

People that have been around you a couple of times would make good FWB because you don't know them enough to gain any emotional attachments, and they'll know you're not some weirdo.

Meet New People

Another great way of finding a potential FWB is to go out and meet new people.

If you're not sure if anyone you know would be down for being FWB, or you're just not all that interested in anyone around you, going out is always an option.

but you don't have to go out and party, go to the bars or clubs to meet people -- anywhere in your town that you could run into cute girls or guys could serve as the gateway to your new FWB.

While you're most likely to get a one night stand by going to the former places mentioned, the latter will serve you up different kinds of people, and some could be into casual relationships.

Don't fall for the narrative that girls don't want casual relationships or that no one likes to be asked those questions; many people seek casual relationships and are only interested in sex.

Girls you see at your local farmers market, for example, could be down for a casual relationship; all you have to do is approach them and ask for their number.

Plus, when you meet someone completely new, there won't be many expectations from either of you, which is one of the biggest rules to having a FWB. It'll work out so much better since there are no emotional attachments and you'll likely keep things strictly casual.

Use Apps

One thing people are still afraid of is using casual sex and dating apps. But, these can be some of the best tools for finding a FWB.

There have been apps created specifically for singles (and couples!) looking for casual relationships and sexual freedom with many partners.

This is where people like you who don't want a committed relationship but want consistent sex, go to fulfill their desires.

It may seem intimidating, but you'll be surprised to find that the people on these apps are so welcoming.

Everyone is sex-positive and won't judge your desires, you could even find people based off their kinks and fetishes!

Most of these apps include a section where you can select an option for what you're looking for, which you can choose to be "friends with benefits."

Another perk of using casual sex and dating apps is that you'll never face an awkward moment of trying to figure out how to bring up being FWB. You can just straight up ask if someone's down, after a few days of chatting of course, and not feel weird about it.

Everyone's looking for the same thing -- no strings attached sex, and if they just want a one-time thing, at least you got that!

Or sites…

Lastly, a great way to find potential FWB is through casual sex and dating sites, similar to apps. However, there are a few differences between the two.

For whatever reason, there seem to be more people on sites than the apps. Perhaps it's the fact that you can log in whenever and sign out, don't have to have it downloaded to your phone, and can go on private browsing mode.

Nonetheless, fuckbuddy sites are where you'll find the most people searching for a FWB relationship.

The only thing to remember is to be confident, direct, and respectful when engaging with users you want to become FWB with.

Oh, and if you're wondering, both casual sex apps and sites include search tools where you can find people in your area based off your zip code and how many miles away you want the other person to be.

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