Best Sites to Read Crazy Hookup Stores (2019 List)

Who doesn't love talking about sex?

Whether you admit or not, we all have a secret fetish for listening to people's hookup stories. Girls and guys both do this with their friends when they ask them to spill the details of their latest hookup, wanting to know more about what happened.

But if you don't want to seem like a weirdo and bug your friends about their sex lives, or maybe you just don't like hearing about theirs, hookup stories are a great alternative. They'll satisfy your desire for hearing about all the dirty details of someone else's sex life without having to ask.

Millions of people online post their hookup stories on the Internet for all to read, and they never leave anything out.

Even if you're used to reading professional erotica, you'll be surprised at how intense and exciting some people write their hookup stories online. It's enough to get you hot and bothered.

Or maybe you haven't ever read erotica or a hookup story, in which case, it'll be a nice change from porn.

Porn is great and all for those who enjoy visuals more, but trust me when I say it's a completely different masturbation experience when you read erotica.

All your senses will be invoked as you read and imagine the scenarios in the stories happening to you. Your mind will start racing, and your body trembling.

I recommend reading hookup stories if you lack inspiration on how to switch up your sex life, or if you're getting bored of the same routine of searching and searching for the perfect porn video.

There are plenty of sources online where you can read hookup stories, but if you're looking for the best ones, here are our top three sites to read the craziest hookup stories.

Best of all, you can add your own hookup story to any one of these sites!

Tinder Swipe Life

What better place to read about hookup stories than from the culprit of today's increase in hook up culture?

Brought to you by Tinder, Swipe Life is the name of the dating app's lifestyle editorial site where hookup stories, along with dating, entertainment, style & beauty, and travel advice and stories are shared by real Tinder users.

Hookup stories can come in video or traditional article format, but they're equally as riveting.

Experiences written on here can range from stories about Tinder hookups while studying abroad, navigating how to hook up freely with the threat of HIV present, missed connections, and more.

Reading the stories on Swipe Life is a good way to kill time while you're waiting for the bus, waiting for class to start, or any time you have 10 minutes free.

Plus, if you're ever curious about anything related to the other topics listed, you can always head over to the other categories and read up on even more advice and stories from people like you.

The best part about Swipe Life is that all kinds of people write their experiences to share. Trans, gay, non-binary, and more have a safe space here to write, read, and talk about their experiences while dating and hooking up.

It's truly a great service on Tinder's part! Take advantage of the free info and also read some funny, sweet, and crazy hook up stories to keep you entertained.

Casual Sex Project

Now, if you're looking for some heavier material to get your mind excited and imaginative during your next masturbation sesh, or you want to read something more descriptive than the stories on Tinder, Casual Sex Project is the site you want to visit.

Personally, I love this site, and it's the best one to read and get information on all things sex-related.

A site where authors can remain anonymous, anyone can share their hookup story for the Internet to read. This site is definitely where you'll find the wildest hookup stories.

What I like most about this site is that all the hookup stories are incredibly detailed, and color-coded by category.

Some of these categories include stories about one-night-stands, sex with an ex, friends with benefits, group sex, and more.

Each story includes demographic information on the person writing the story, how many sexual partners they've had, and tells the hookup story in a Q&A format where authors can respond to the questions listed.

Some questions include what happened during the hookup (the dirty deets), how sexually satisfying the hookup was, if they got emotionally hurt as a result of the hookup, and if they regret it, among others.

Casual Sex Project is my favorite site for reading hookup stories because people are always super descriptive, and it gets you horny just reading some of them!


Last but not least, a place where you can always count on people sharing and talking about each other's hookups is Reddit. The best hookup subreddits to read over that I've found are all under the r/AskReddit tag. They ask users for their best One-Night-Stand story, craziest hookup story, and their Tinder hookup stories, good or bad.

They're the only threads that I've seen with the most comments, so you can read more stories and not get bored.

People go into details of their college hookups, one-night-stands with random girls they meet at the bar, hooking up with friends, hooking up with professors, and more!

There's sure to be a story you find interesting in these threads, and it's not like you don't browse Reddit at work anyways to kill time.

However, I probably wouldn't recommend reading hookup stories at work; but hey, if you can handle giving yourself blue balls, then go for it!

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