Eight Surprising Places to Hookup Tonight

There are places where you can get sex almost 50% of the nights you go out, provided that you have some basic skills seducing the opposite sex. These are specific locations that automatically increase your chances of hooking up that very same night (and sometimes inside the venue). Here's the list of places where the odds are in your favor to hook up tonight.

Night Club

Plain and simple, you will be able to meet a ton of drunk men and women partying and having a good time here. They usually dress sexy and are out to have fun and get laid. But your success rate in the night clubs depends entirely on the city you are in, the local hookup culture, and how skilled you are at picking up women or men. How successful you are also depends on how high your standards are. A little dating and pickup education will take you a long way, and there are tons of manuals and guides written on how to pick up women. Spend some time studying the art and science of pickup, and soon you will be going to night clubs every night and coming out with numbers and even instant hookups inside the club.


Bars are also a great place to meet new people. They are similar to nightclubs and might even have a small dance floor. Approaching women here will have varying success rates. However, with alcohol running high, inhibitions run low, women tend to be a lot more receptive when approached. When you apply the right techniques, you should be able to get her digits with ease that will come in handy later when arranging a hookup.


Casinos are a great place to meet women. Make sure you are dressed in a suit and show that you are there to gamble. When you meet a woman there, tell her you need to change to your favourite shirt to get lucky and take her back to your hotel. Once you are there, you don’t have to every go out again.


Surprisingly, the best place to get lucky is right in the comfort of your home. A lot of women spend their time in online dating because it's convenient, low risk, and can be done easily with just a smartphone or internet connection. You will be able to filter by height, weight, complexion and interest. It gives you a range of possibilities and options that is just not possible in the bar or the club. You don’t have to worry about body language and appearance when it comes to online dating. You will be able to tactfully time and think about your responses. You, however, should take the conversation offline as soon as you can. It is easy to get into a virtual relationship with someone when you spend a lot of time with them online. Don’t lose sight of your goals to hook up in real life.

Strip Club

You will be able to see a lot of beautiful women dance and entertain you in the strip clubs. But you should keep in mind that it is very unlikely that you will get sex in a strip club without paying a hefty VIP fee. A sex club, on the other hand, is something like a strip club where adventurous couples and swingers can have orgy parties. You will be able to indulge yourself with other couples who are polygamous and polyamorous. However depending on the club it can be a little difficult to get action if you are a single guy. Nobody likes to go to clubs where there are more men than women. So it always helps to have a partner who shares the interest. It's important to use protection when engaging with strippers, sex workers, or swingers as these demographics are at higher risk of transmitting STDs.

Las Vegas

Vegas is the mac-daddy of locations where you can easily and effortlessly hook up tonight. Vegas is the place you have to be in if you want to get laid every time you go out. Everybody in this city is out on a vacation, and they are well aware of the saying that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Inhibitions are relatively low, and you will find a lot of good women from around the world flying to Vegas just to have fun and sex. So if you want some action with a large number of women looking for a one night stand, then you know where you have to be.

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