No Strings Attached? 5 Crazy Hacks for Casual Sex

In the modern age of online dating, casual sex reigns over traditional dating. No one's really looking for "the one" anymore, but rather, the one for tonight --and there's no shame in that!

Why shouldn't we be able to have sex whenever we want without any commitments?

Most of us find ourselves too busy for a relationship, too horny to be with one person, or too disinterested in the idea of one.

Some people won't get it, but those of us who know that casual sex and no strings attached arrangements are one of the best things to happen to the dating scene know that they're missing out.

What's a no strings attached arrangement?

Allow me to open your mind to one of the best concepts in human history.

A no strings attached arrangement, and I say arrangement instead of relationship, is when two (or more) people agree to have casual sex with no conditions or restrictions.

The two of you have sex, only have sex, and don't meddle with each other's lives or get in their business. You're free to see other people and don't need to keep in contact with them much outside of sex.

Having one of these arrangements with someone is something I think everyone should do at least once in their life.

If you're at a point where you're singles and not really looking to get into anything serious any time soon, you should definitely consider a no strings attached arrangement.

It could help you destress, gives you consistent sex without any complications, and still lets you be free to meet and have sex with others.

Interested in learning how you can get one? I'm glad.

I'd be concerned if you weren't.

Here are five crazy hacks to seek out no strings attached arrangements so you can start having casual sex.

Take Advantage of the Dating App Age

You have the best tool for finding casual sex and no strings attached arrangements right in your hands -- your smartphone!

If you can download apps, you can have casual sex whenever you want by utilizing any of the many casual dating apps available.

Now, these apps can range in extremity. There are apps for people looking for threesomes, swingers, BDSM sex, or just those looking to hook up, date casually, and have casual sex.

You could get no strings attached sex, either way, it just depends on what you're interested in and looking for.

If you're looking for someone as kinky as you that you can have sex with, there's an app for that.

If you're looking to meet new people and also hook up with them without any commitments, there's an app for that, too.

It just takes some time to research what casual sex app works best for you.

Some of the best general casual sex apps for finding yourself a fuckbuddy, FWB, or no strings attached situations are Blendr, Tinder, PURE, Feeld, Happn, and CasualX.

Look into 'em.

Pick Someone in Your Life That You Love-Hate

Another great hack to building a successful no strings attached arrangement is to hit up someone in your life that you have an inexplicable attraction and strong desire for, but also kind of hate.

You know, they drive you crazy but in a hot kind of way?

Someone who gets under your skin but at the same time you feel a powerful sexual attraction to.

If you know someone who is a polar opposite to you, they would be a good candidate to have a no strings attached relationship with because you'd never fall for them.

Because they have a fatal flaw that you can't get passed as a total opposite, you never have to worry about catching feelings because the person themselves will serve as a reminder of why a relationship wouldn't work out.

Take a Risk and Flirt With Someone You Don't Know

Or, if you don't have anyone like that in your life, this is a great opportunity to meet new people.

If you wait around for someone to flirt with you, you'll waste precious time that could be spent setting up your next hook up. You have to take charge sometimes and go after what you want.

Although approaching someone can be terrifying, you need to take the risk. If you see someone who catches your eye in public, you may never see them again if you don't talk to them!

The one most important tip I can give you when you're trying to flirt with someone successfully is to be confident.

Speak like you know you're the shit because the worst thing anyone can do when trying to flirt with them is saying no.

Another crucial tip is to keep eye contact! It's super sexy, and anyone will know what you're getting at if you seductively stare at them.

Approach Any Girl Using This Trick…

But, if you need a little help in starting a conversation or don't know how you should go about approaching someone, there's one trick that always works to get someone talking.

If you're out at a bar, club, party -- or anywhere really, go up behind the person you're interested in and put your hand against their back and say "Alondra! How are you?"

As soon as they turn around, put a shocked look on your face and immediately apologize for confusing them with someone you know.

Tell them how much they look like your friend, but compliment them at the same time and say they're "much prettier."

After that, depending on how she reacts, you can continue the conversation and make jokes, but if she looks disgusted with you, just move on.

Give the 'Light Touch'

Last but not least, the most effective way to communicate with someone that you want to fuck them is through touch.

However, you never want to be too forward with your touch and cross any boundaries.

The best way to touch someone to let them know you're into them is to give them a light touch or grab on the arm. It's sweet, not too forward, and gets the message across if it's accompanied with some eye contact.

Physical touch is one of the most intimate forms of contact you could have with someone, and if you do it the right way and know what to say, you could land yourself a one night stand, or a hook up that leads to a no strings attached situation.

Sarah is online and wants to hook up.