One App to Rule Them All

Here you are going to see some of the most used hook up apps and the benefits and downfalls of each one and what one will be the best choice for you.


Once you have linked your account to Facebook the actual matching process is simple and really fast paced. The interface is very sleek and simplistic with no clutter distracting the user from the normal process.

One of the many barriers to Tinder is that you will need a Facebook account linked directly to your tinder account.If you don’t have a Facebook account, or don’t want to make an account, Tinder is inaccessible for you which is a huge negative. Only relies on images, you can’t see any other data about the user like height or weight, some more information would be beneficial. It is impossible to speak with someone who hasn’t liked you, which is just a frustration and very annoying in some cases if you want to speak with someone in particular.

Plenty of Fish

One of the most used dating sites worldwide with over 40 million users, so you are guaranteed many people to talk with and potentially meet. It’s free to use unlike a lot of dating apps which cost a significant amount of money to use - this is free so it’s an amazing benefit to have.

The interface of the site is a bit awkward to use and looks somewhat poor for an app of a service which attracts so many people. The information you have to provide contains more personal information that some people would personally like to share with strangers,and it can feel a bit intruding for some. With the app being free this invites lots of scammers to use the app to pretend they are someone else, leading to fake profiles which are irritating.

This seems to be the largest dating site on the internet with the most users and success stories from married couples which is obviously a great selling point. If you are unsuccessful in finding someone in six months they will give you 6 months more added to your membership for free.

When you are a free member the site is pretty much useless, you cannot respond to messages or anything really. It is extremely expensive at $34.99 for one month or $17.99 a month for 6 months. There is no system for matching users so you will have to do that for yourself which caused a lot of frustration when you will be using it yourself.

The best option

The best of the three options is POF without a doubt. It offers the most useful information on a person, along with the ability to message anyone that you like. It has a pretty great matching algorithm which makes finding new people very simple and easy. The best thing of all is that it is free and really it offers just as much services for free that Match offers for a pretty ridiculous premium price tag. It is really an easy choice to go with POF over the other options.

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