7 Rules for a Tinder Hookup You Need to Know

Tinder hookups.

If you haven't experienced them, you may not be ready for what's in store. It's very easy for things to go wrong, but if you follow these seven rules for a Tinder hookup, you could have one of the best sexual experiences of your life!

Here are the top unspoken rules you need to know before you start swiping to lead you to the best Tinder hookup possible.

Thou Shall Not Be a Bum

What I mean by being a "bum" is that you're the type of guy who wants the girl to do everything -- from getting to you, driving you guys, buying the condoms, etc.

That is the ULTIMATE turn off!

No girl wants to feel like she's about to fuck a man-child or someone who just lacks basic respect and consideration.

If you plan on hooking up with a girl from Tinder, there are a few things you should be prepared to do.

First off, be a gentleman and if you can, pick her up. I understand, however, that not every guy has a car or the means to drive and pick up their date.

That's cool.

Briefly explain your situation before you meet up and kindly ask if she can drive, if she doesn't offer at first, or say you two can meet up on your own somewhere, which will most likely be the case the first time you meet.

Do not, however, be the guy who expects her to come to you. Don't say things like "Come through" or "Slide" when you want to hook up.

Next, you want to make sure you're supplied with anything you think you may need for a hookup, including condoms, lube, and more. Anything you would want to have safe sex with on the first date.

Yes, women can and should have their own condoms, but it's such a nice gesture to come over and see that the guy you're about to hook up with doesn't automatically assume you're going to go raw.

The WORST thing you can say is "I don't like condoms" and expect her to go with it just because you think it "feels better."

Plus, if you show her that you're prepared and are actually a conscious guy who thinks about what she may need, you'll definitely be receiving thanks in all the ways you could want.

If you want to throw in extra brownie points for yourself, offer to Uber her home after hooking up if she wants to leave. You don't have to do this all the time, but it leaves a good impression the first time you hook up with a girl from Tinder and will have her wanting more.

Thou Shall Not Feed Her Lies

When hooking up, or trying to hook up, there's no need to make empty promises or tell lies about your true intentions. Most girls on Tinder don't give a f**k if you're just looking to hookup; either they're with it, or they're not. There's no need to "convince" or "trick" them into your bed.

Don't text her with the idea of asking her on a romantic date and making her believe it could go further than you actually want it to go.

If you hope to get a hookup out of the first time you meet, you need to be sure to give out that vibe.

I'm not saying you need to tell her "Want to hook up tonight and never talk again?" or "I'm just looking for sex, you down?" but you do need to let her know what's up when the time's right.

But until then, a good way to let her know what your intentions are without giving it away in such a degrading manner is to suggest to meet at your place.

Any smart girl will automatically know what that means. Plus, if she says no or suggests somewhere else, that's a pretty good indicator that she isn't interested in just hooking up.

One way you could ask her to your place without sounding like a creep is to say something like, "Would you want to come over to my place and paint with me/watch a movie/make drinks/walk my dog with me?

Any of those options sound cute, and if she knows she'll be going over to your place, the possibility of sex will be on her mind, and she'll come prepared.

Thou Shall Not Take it Too Far

By taking it too far, I mean don't do anything you're not experienced with.

Don't try to do any fancy moves during sex you haven't practiced and perfected or risk awkward mishaps and the chance of her leaving with the thought that the sex was terrible.

Your best bet when it comes to hooking up with anyone for the first time is to stay true to what you know and what you're good at.

Just don't risk fucking up while trying new moves you've never done before in hopes of impressing her. Even if the sex simple, but you do it well and hit all the right spots, she'll remember you and probably want to hook up again.

Thou Shall Not Assume

Don't ever assume that she will have sex with you, though. Nothing will make her ditch you faster than if you don't read the situation correctly before pulling out your dick or making a move on her.

The last thing you want to do is invite her over, have her walk in, only to immediately start trying to touch on her or get her to undress.

Even if she agreed to come, don't think that she's still down to have sex. People's mood and wants change all the time, and with something as delicate as sex with someone you just met, you want to be sure that both of you want it as much as the other.

Thou Shall Not Forget to Ask

With that being said, you should still definitely ask before you begin hooking up if it's something she wants to do. Once you see that things are getting noticeably slow, as in, you're staring at each other more, smiling and locking eyes, and you notice she's not turning away your gentle touches, such as putting your hand on her thigh, is when you should ask her if she wants to go further.

Easy ways to ask if she wants to have sex without saying "Want to fuck?" is to ask things like, "Are you okay with this?" as you touch her more, or "Do you want me to keep going?" as things progress.

Thou Shall Not Brag

Don't run your mouth about your hookup.

If word gets back to her, and it most likely will, that you were telling everyone you could about your experience, you can bet your ass she won't want to see you ever again, let alone hook up with you.

Don't ruin the chance of getting a new fuckbuddy or entering a friends with benefits relationship with this person by blabbing your mouth. It's not an attractive quality, plus, other girls in your area who may also be on Tinder will hear about it and not match with you.

Thou Shall Not Get Clingy

Once your hookup is over, please don't be that guy who instantly blows up her phone trying to "hang out again ;)" or think she's your perfect match.

Give both of yourselves some time before you meet up again, but also don't ghost her after you hookup -- 'cause that's just rude.

Maybe give it a couple of days before you text her again, but definitely let her know it was good night once she leaves. Depending on how well it went, she may even text you first! You just want to make sure you're not being one of those dudes who doesn't know boundaries and giving people space.

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