5 Weird Hacks for an Amazing Craigslist Hookup

Although Craigslist Personal-Ads is no more, you can still get Craigslist-like hookups online. People have created alternatives, consciously or unconsciously, to deal with the missing feature on the beloved ad listing site.

f you weren't around to participate in the frenzy of Craigslist personal ads, then you missed out on one of the most prominent eras of the Internet.

People were meeting and fucking left and right -- it was never easier, to this day, to get a hookup whenever you wanted than through Craigslist personals.

Craigslist was the place for finding casual encounters. However, founder of Craigslist Craig Newmark was forced to shut down this section of his site in March of 2018, due to a bill from Congress.

The bill, HR 1865, "FOSTA," holds websites liable to criminal and civil liability when users misuse personals, which was an effort to combat online sex-trafficking.

Since Craigslist couldn't afford to take any risks, they decided to shut down all listing on the personals section.

Although we lost a gem, you can still find casual encounters and random hookups reminiscent of the Craigslist personals days online.

In fact, one could say that they're almost better because of the added security with features like photo verification and linked Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Here are our top hacks for finding hookups online.

Visit Forum Sites

An easy way to find listings of people looking for casual encounters, one-night-stands, and commitment-free hookups is through forum sites. You can even find people looking for sexting buddies to share nudes with, likely through Kik.

Forum sites have been around just as long, if not longer, than Craigslist, and was also a way for people to connect with each other and find someone to hook up with.

If you're looking for the best sites to go to, consider InstantHookups, Reddit, or AdultHookup Forums.

Each of these sites has a thriving population of users posting, replying, and talking about hooking up. Whatever you're in the mood for, whether it be sexting, video chat, or casual sex, you can find it on any one of these forums.

InstantHookups is a place where people can post to forums, write blogs, join groups, and read articles posted by users.

Some existing forum topics on the site include sex & hookups, sex by location, hookup dating chat, and more. People usually get a pretty good response rate when they post to InstantHookups.

Of course, if you're looking for an undoubtedly sure way of hooking up or sexting, Reddit is always there for you.

the /DirtyR4R thread is the best place to visit if you're looking for someone to fuck. New posts are written every day, and you can always see where people are from because they make sure to include their location in their post.

While other forums may have more males posting solicitations, there is a good amount of women on this thread searching for fuckbuddies, dirty sexting, and more. If you're going to try your luck anywhere, I'd suggest this Reddit thread.

Last but not least, another great forum option for finding hookups post-Craigslist personals is AdultHookup Forums. Similar to the rest of the options in this category, you're free to post in any of their topics, which include sex advice, hookup chat, general discussion, and others.

They may not have as many topics for hooking up, but the one they do have is still a pretty good option.

Hookup Apps

Another way to find hookups in the online realm is by using hookup apps.

Actually preferred by most people today, hookup apps are an amazing option and replacement for Craigslist Personals.

It's even better, in my opinion, because of all the features and things you can do with a hookup app.

Take an app like Yumi, for example.

This app lets you remain anonymous, and you don't need to enter any information about yourself unless you want to.

You can also create a voice profile if you'd rather, and introduce yourself with your real voice. But, you can always use the detailed profile options to fill out info about yourself for others to see.

Yumi will then use your location, like all dating and hookup apps do, to find you users on the app that are in your area searching for casual encounters.

Once they've located a few people, you'll get dealt four "cards," and you choose which one you want to flip over, resulting in your next potential casual encounter.

Other great hookup apps that I've found to be worth downloading and actually work, and resemble the old Craigslist personals ads, are PURE, DOWN, and Pernals -- the ultimate casual encounter app.

To find out more, visit their sites and see why you should use them for finding casual sex.

Casual Sex Sites

Hookup sites also exist on the web which caters to singles and couples looking for casual sex and to enjoy sexual freedom.

You may have heard of some of these sites already, as they've been growing in popularity ever since the '90s, such as AdultFriendFinder.

This site was created with the intention of connecting adults looking for no-strings-attached hookups and affairs. Over the years it's grown a positive reputation, and many people continue to use the site for getting laid.

Another sex site similar to AFF is AshleyMadison. While it was initially created for wives and girlfriends looking to have an affair discreetly, you can now find all kinds of people in different situations on the site.

One thing they all have in common, though, is that they all want sex.

Lastly, you could check out Plenty of Fish as an option for hooking up.

Don't be fooled by its brand -- POF is secretly a site filled with horny women looking to fuck.

Sites like Craigslist

If you're not much for apps and would rather use desktop sites for finding your hookups, there are just as many good options.

The first site you could use is called Bedpage, a play on the just as popular site as Craigslist that's since been taken down, Backpage.

It's similar to both sites in that people can post listings for services, including adult and dating categories. It's been found safe to use and is a spam-free site where users can post ads for whatever they like for free.

Another alternative to Craigslist's missing personal section is to use Doublelist.

Doublelist was specifically made for those who used Craigslist Personals and were looking for somewhere new to go to post their requests for dating and hookups.

You can post live ads and connect with like-minded individuals whom, like you, miss the old Craigslist and search for a place to find hookups.

Or....just Craigslist!

As a last resort, and if you don't feel like going anywhere else than a site you already know and love, you can still try your luck with posting to Craigslist!

You just have to be discreet about it, speak in code, and know where to post your request.

People still post to Craigslist in hopes of finding casual encounters under the community categories like 'missed connections.'

You could also try posting to a discussion forum on the site, just be aware you may not receive as many responses as you would like to as compared to any of the previously mentioned alternatives.

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