The 6 Essentials of Cougar Dating

Leverage the fact that Cougars are willing to treat you.

When hooking up with girls you’re own age, it’s expected that the man will pay for the meal or date (or at least split it). However, in the case of cougar dating, savvy men can leverage the fact the Cougars are more than willing to treat younger men in a variety of situations. From a dinner to movies, to breakfast the morning after the hookup, cougars are more than willing to pay the tab. In fact, wealthier cougars may even buy you extravagant gifts and vacations. If these material perks of dating a cougar excite you then keep reading every word on this page to find out what else is in store.

Keep in mind that Cougars know what they want.

Cougars have been around the block a couple times and may even have a few kids (or grandkids) at this point. It’s important to remember that cougars know what they want out of life, relationships, and of course they know what they want in the bedroom. Keep in mind that due to the naturally raised testosterone of cougars, they may be more aggressive in pursuing their sexual needs. In fact, some cougars won’t leave until yours fulfill them completely. That means that your performance needs to be not only top notch, but you need to be prepared to put out when an aggressive cougar is on the prowl.

Don’t forget that Cougars may need extra lubrication.

One important fact that gets swept under the rug is that men who are dating cougars should always have extra lubrication on hand. Nothing works better than spit, but if your cougar isn’t interested in what’s on hand, then be sure to pack a bottle of lube in your car, and a reserve bottle in your house. As women age, and flourish into their cougar years, their ability to naturally lubricate can diminish. To ensure you don’t hurt yourself, or your cougar, save yourself an awkward situation and pack some extra lube just in case.

Cougars will require you to be a pro at sticky social situations.

From kids to estranged husbands, to nosey neighbors, a myriad of different humans may present sticky social situations when you’re chilling with your cougar. The best thing you can do to avoid an awkward situation is to avoid being awkward yourself. It takes two people to create an awkward situation, so as long as you maintain your composure and congruence awkwardness simply cannot ensue.

However, if you fail to maintain composure, things can go south quickly. Cougars are mature and can handle themselves, so it’s important to focus on keeping yourself calm, cool, and collected in sticky social situations.

Always date your cougar with pride.

Sure, sometimes it feels a little embarrassing to be dating a woman that’s many years older than you - but that’s that last thing you should communicate. Like anything in life, it’s important to own the actions you take and decisions you make. If you’re dating a cougar or older woman, hold your head high in public, introduce your cougar with pride, and never shy away from functions or events. Honestly, most men will envy the fact that you’ve snagged a hot cougar up. Also, nothing is hotter to a cougar than knowing that you’re not afraid to get spotted in public with her - everyone wants to find true love, and that includes cougars.

Happy cougar dating! - Team JustHookup

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